The financial system and securities market are undoubtedly the most complex and regulated sectors. Our extensive experience and knowledge of legal and regulatory aspects allow us to provide comprehensive and strategic advice to financial institutions, and national and international economic groups that offer or intend to offer financial services in Colombia. We advise financial entities from their licensing and incorporation process before the financial authorities throughout their operation and until their winding-up. Also, we provide advice to companies in the real sector interested in offering financial services.

Our team has participated in some of the most representative transactions, structurings, and transformations of the Colombian financial system representing banks, insurance companies, investment funds, pension and severance funds, trust companies and stock market commissioners, among others.

In addition, our firm has been an advisor and consultant to public entities, such as the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, the Communications Regulation Commission, the “Banca de las Oportunidades”, multilateral organizations, and associations in regulatory matters of the financial system.

The services provided in the Financial and Securities Market area are the following:

  • Advising and consultancy to financial entities, investment, and private equity funds.
  • Preparation of legal opinions.
  • Designing and structuring of financial products.
  • Accompaniment before the Financial Superintendence Office and other entities of control, supervision, and surveillance.
  • Counseling and supporting during the process of incorporation of surveilled entities and investment funds.
  • Opening of representative offices.
  • Representation of clients in sanctioning administrative proceedings and before the Securities Market Self-regulator entity.